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About Mountain Marketing

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

About Mountain MarketingAs the founder of Mountain Marketing, a tremendous amount of preparation went into not only the formation of the agency but also when we take choose to take on a client and the strategic planning of the marketing of the client’s brand or business. I opened this agency for a single reason and coincidently its also the motto of the company as well: “provide professional marketing services to professionals and small businesses for an affordable price.”

This means that we have several promises we give to clients, it also makes us extremely different from your typical marketing agency. To start, we do not charge “onboarding fees” and I personally am unsure what those exactly go towards, so we do not charge them. We also limit the number of clients that we take on, as we hold ourselves to a very high standard level of accountability.

For example, we promise to return phone calls, texts, or emails within 24 hours (usually its far less time, likely an hour or two for clients), should we fail, we give the client a free month of marketing, no questions asked! These are things that you just will not discover when you receive marketing to an agency that caters to large corporations. We have and use all of the exact same marketing tools that other agencies have, arguably even more advanced technology. More importantly, we continuously stay on top of the latest in marketing trends. This can be seen in our latest marketing experiment, not yet open to the public, which is Alexa Voice Skills for companies and brands.

We love hearing from people for really any reason, even just chit-chat! So please feel free to use the live chat feature or shoot us a message and someone from the awesome team will respond or I will myself!

Travis Martin

Travis Martin